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Address at St Margaret's Cathedral, Ayr celebrating sixty years of the priesthood.


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Maurice Taylor               Emeritus Bishop of Galloway, Scotland

Being a Bishop in Scotland - Maurice Taylor

Published by The Columba Press (www.columba.ie)

ISBN 1-85607-529-X

It's the Eucharist, Thank God - Maurice Taylor

Published by Decani Books (www.decanimusic.co.uk)

ISBN 978-1-900314-19-0

Life's Flavour - A Variety of Experiences -

Maurice Taylor

Published by Amazon (March 2014)

ISBN 978-1-495930-43-0

Weekday Thoughts on the Sunday Gospels

Maurice Taylor

Published by Diocese of Galloway (July 2017)

ISBN 978-1-9997602-0-5

What are they talking about?

Maurice Taylor

Published by Decani Books (www.decanimusic.co.uk)

ISBN 978-1-900314-26-8

Rev Maurice Taylor,

St Peter's College, Cardross - 1959

MTaylor 1959

Published books:

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The Pleasure of Celebrating Mass was published in 'Music and Liturgy' (Society of Saint Gregory) in November 2011.


In 'A Lifetime of Liturgy', Bishop Taylor reflects on the changing liturgy from the 1930's to the present day.


Bishop Taylor's account of the Diocese of Galloway, 'Portrait of a Diocese'.

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Bishop Maurice Taylor was born in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, in 1926. He was ordained a priest in Rome in 1950, and became Bishop of Galloway in 1981, retiring in 2004. He celebrated 65 years as a priest in July 2015.

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