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St Ninian of Galloway: 360 - 432 AD

Feast Day - September 16th

St Ninian of Galloway as depicted in the stained glass window at

St John's, Cumnock.


Concluding Prayer of Vespers


Lord our God,

you brought the Picts and Britons

to a knowledge of the faith

through the teaching of Saint Ninian the bishop:

in your goodness listen to our prayers:

grant that we who have received from him

the light of your truth

may remain strong in faith

and active in works of charity.


We make our prayer through our Lord, Jesus Christ,

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

God for ever and ever. Amen



Ninian of Galloway, homage we fondly pay and tribute bring.

Saint by our Church proclaimed, Scotland's Apostle named,

thy praise we sing, thy paise we sing


Born of the Scottish race, God led thee forth by grace to find in Rome

that pearl so richly priced, that faultless creed of Christ,

And bear it home, and bear it home.


Softly the Christian morn dawned o'er the lone Whithorn like kindly sun;

nobly thy loyal band, led by thy sure command,

our kingdom won, our kingdom won.


Where once thy footsteps trod, unquenched the fires of God await thy hand;

renew thy fervent care, tender to God our prayer

to bless our land, to bless our land.


Written by Rt. Rev. J McHardy

Sung to the tune Candida Casa by F Duffy.

St Ninian: podcast

Podcast for the Feast of St Ninian


This podcast was recorded in 2011 by

Bishop Emeritus Maurice Taylor on the occasion of the

Feast of St Ninian.